<h1><img border="1" hspace="0" align="right" src="/xml/wfxdirect/res;jsessionid=EA4282A0261F92FAD9EE2DA5CF74A956.TC3b?name=EHTA+outside.JPG&type=image" width="500" height="244" wfxtype="resource" wfxsrc="EHTA outside.JPG" />Airport Training Facility</h1><h3>220 Fox Run Road     Johnstown, PA 15904</h3><p>The East Hills Training Association currently is based out of a former airplane hangar at the Cambria County Airport. This facility combines the large square footage of the hangar with the adjoining office complex to create a multi-functional fire training facility. The facility layout can be changed with cubicle walls to create a different training experience for students each time they use the facility. Smoke machines produce safe-to-breathe vision impairment, creating an as real as possible training experience, while keeping students safe. With the addition of multiple training props, the EHTA can give firefighters with all skill and experience levels a better training experience!</p><h1> <br /><img style="width: 380px; height: 233px;" border="1" hspace="0" align="left" src="/xml/wfxdirect/res;jsessionid=EA4282A0261F92FAD9EE2DA5CF74A956.TC3b?name=EHTA+Hangar+2nd+floor.JPG&type=image" width="380" height="233" wfxtype="resource" wfxsrc="EHTA Hangar 2nd floor.JPG" /><img style="width: 363px; height: 234px;" border="1" hspace="0" align="right" src="/xml/wfxdirect/res;jsessionid=EA4282A0261F92FAD9EE2DA5CF74A956.TC3b?name=EHTA+Hangar+floor.JPG&type=image" width="363" height="234" wfxtype="resource" wfxsrc="EHTA Hangar floor.JPG" /></h1><p /><p /><p /><p /><h1 align="left" /><h1 align="left">Future Location</h1><h3>Training Facility grounds behind the former 84 Lumber</h3><h3>Bradley Drive (Off Eisenhower Boulevard)</h3><p>The East Hills Training Association’s future is bright, with the ownership of a large property off of Eisenhower Boulevard in Richland Township. This property will eventually be the site of the EHTA with your help! The EHTA dreams of a quality facility mirroring the likes of the Cambria County Fire School in Patton. For years, fire departments in southern Cambria and northern Somerset counties had to travel long distances to distant fire schools, a problem that the future East Hills Training Association school would eliminate. Only with your help would such a high quality facility be possible! </p><p><br /><img border="1" hspace="0" src="/xml/wfxdirect/res;jsessionid=EA4282A0261F92FAD9EE2DA5CF74A956.TC3b?name=EHTA+future+site.png&type=image" width="750" height="396" wfxtype="resource" wfxsrc="EHTA future site.png" /></p><p /><p />