Truck Company Props

Forcible Entry Door

The East Hills Training Association sports a fully functional forcible entry door, one that can quickly be resecured using simple dowel rods; meaning that your trainees can practice forcing doors, both inward or outward swinging. This door is constructed of a heavy duty wooden structure encased in a metal door frame. The door itself is a replacable metal door, reinforced with diamond plate metal. With the use of a range of small to large dowel rods, your trainees can kick down doors, or get kicked by them.

Roof Simulator

The EHTA uses a portable roof simulator, one that can be used safely on ground level, to allow students to get the feel of roof work. Using the subframe, the rafters, and either plywood or wooden pallets, this simulator can easily get your crews accustomed to the ventilation duties, just without the risk of injury from falling. This prop can be adjusted to any pitch, from flat to over 60 degrees, and any rafters that are accidently cut can easliy be replaced with new ones without the risk of catastrophic failure.